Wednesday, February 27, 2008

CLARK Functional Art

CLARK Functional Art creates works of functional art from ancient fallen trees and reclaimed woods of Northern Thailand. Treasures hidden long ago are rediscovered and transformed into works of beauty. Count the rings! Some trees are over 500 years old

Ancient and contemporary home furnishings are created from solid exotic woods including Teak, Makha, Rosewood, Acacia, and Ebony. The wood is inlay with re-enforcing “butterfly” joinery of brass, stainless steel, and other exotic woods to enhance beauty and strength. Master-craftsman detail and finish brings out brilliance and fire of the wood.

All CLARKFunctionalArt wood is reclaimed. Fallen long ago and found washed up on the sides of rivers, along old forgotten roads, or part of an old barn. I travel the countryside looking for old muddy tree trunks and reclaimed wood from abandon buildings. The locals are glad to find a buyer, someone to haul an old tree off their farm or road. Rough cut and washed of mud the wood is shipped to Costa Mesa, CA. Once it arrives it is cut to specification, sanded, finished, and polished. Once complete, a treasure is rediscovered.

Custom Designs
Having difficulty finding the perfect piece to fit into your dining, living, or conference room? Have a custom piece of art created to your specification. CLARKFunctionalArt designs and builds custom works including conference tables, dining tables, coffee tables, entryway tables, outdoor tables, and art displays.

Come visit my studio on the border of Newport Beach and Costa Mesa or feel free to contact us for more information. Appointments for viewing are available daily.

Trade and wholesale pricing available

1630 Superior Ave., Building H
Costa Mesa, CA 92627
(2 doors down Commercial Way
from Superior Ave)

Telephone: +1 949 375-1367
FAX: +1 949 209-1947

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