Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Giant Makha Burl with Old Growth Teak Base

Found this very large Makha wood tree trunk in central Thailand along the River Ping. The stump was approximately 6ft Diameter x 6ft Tall (see picture below). This piece is approx. 350 yrs old; it was reclaimed after the 2006 seasonal floods from the river Ping. It has a drift wood appearance being worn by many year of being along the banks of the Ping.

The Makha tree is an exotic hard wood from the old Siam region of Northern Thailand. It is prized for its burl or as the Thai people call the “pom”.

The tables I have made from this magnificent tree trunk range in size down from the piece being used in the table above 74''L x 44''W x 8'' Thick. The table is designed to accommodate a custom glass top of various size and shape.

The legs are constructed of old growth teak that I found on an abandoned beaver farm about 20km toward the mountains from Hong Dong, Thailand. I don't know if I believe it was really a beaver farm but that was the owner's story; perhaps the translation came out wrong.

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