Monday, February 25, 2008

Eco-friendly and Green

What is it to be Environmentally Responsible, Eco-friendly, and Green? For me it is only using reclaimed and recycled wood. All the wood I use was cut down a long time ago, reclaimed from a previous use, blown-over by a storm, or washed up by a flood. Further all my wood is certified by the Government of Thailand for export .

Fallen long ago and found washed up on the sides of rivers, along old forgotten roads, or part of an old barn. I travel the countryside looking for old muddy tree trunks and reclaimed wood from abandon buildings. Reclaimed wood is wood previously milled and used in the past for things such bridges, piers, barns, houses, and furniture. In actuality, there is much reclaimed wood; the difficulty is in identifying and retrieving the wood. Once found, the locals are glad to have found a buyer, someone to haul an old tree off their farm or road.

A Thai Government Trade Certificate must be obtained for possession and transportation of all exotic hardwood. Exotic hardwoods from Thailand are tightly control by the Thai Government Trade and Export Ministry. Government check points along all trade routes and ports inspect all certificates and accompanying cargo. The Thai people care for and protect their forests very responsibly, I maintain the same ethic.

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