Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Evolution of a Pentagon Table

Geometry is wonderful! It turns out that 7 disks of the same size can perfectly surround an 8th similar disk. Well that’s nice, but I only had 6 disks, so 5 had to go around 1; the result, a pentagon. I still think it looks good.

This table is made of 5 Burma Rosewood crosscut disks surrounding a single disk. The Burma Rosewood crosscut disks have a star shaped hollow at their center filled with black high-gloss resin. The entire table is interconnected using the same high-gloss black resin. The base is inspired by the pentagon theme; it has a pentagon center structure that’s sides extends out forming a pentagon star. Ok enough of pentagons, take a look.

Burma Rosewood Hollows and Black High-gloss Resin
45''Diameter x 19''H
Serial # 96

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