Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Gigantic Reclaimed Rosewood/Amboyna Tree Trunk Coffee Table

The brilliance and swirling intricacy of the burled wood grain is like fire. The old burl of this Burma Rosewood-Narra stump is called Amboyna; arguably the most coveted exotic wood in South-east Asia.

I found this very large rosewood tree trunk on the banks of the river Ping in central Thailand after the annual floods of 2007. I estimate the stump is over 2000 year old. Originally cut down a long time ago, the tree trunk sat for a very long time lodged in the mud banks of the Ping. It took a long time until the yearly floods finally washed enough of the mud away to make the root system accessible. It took a large crane, a tracker with a backhoe, a crew of men with shovels, picks, and chain saws, and a lot of hard work to dig out the remainder before it could be finally driven off to be rough cut and shipped to Costa Mesa CA.

Reclaimed Burma Rosewood-Narra/Amboyna Tree Stump
Brass Butterfly Joinery
8 feet Diameter, 9 inches Thick, 15 inches Tall

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